Fania Roseliza

An amateur writer and music enthusiast.

You may have your own plans, but in the end, God who chose your path. Maybe you will be depressed, exhausted and maybe you will feel everything was going wrong but believe me He can change everything 180° different from what you have planned before. I surrender to You God and i know You have the best plan for my life even if people will think that’s a worst thing that can be happpened in my life.

Thanks God
I am so grateful :)


July, 23rd 2014

“Smile is reciprocal”

Last Day in June

So, today is the 30th of June.
Thanks June for being awesome
Everything that happened in June was amazing.
My birthday..
Had a lot of tests for entering university..
Met new people..
Had my heart broken…
I read Bible the whole month
I did a lot of stupid things..
I made my parents angry and sad..
I was sick..
I loved the wrong person..
I was panic for waiting the result of the tests..
I read an awesome book by John Green
I met my old friend
I became more independent
I was sick :(
Had new competitors
And other things that i could not say here

But everything was beautiful
Thankyou once again June for being an awesome month. See you next year and i hope the next June will be more surprising.

Goodbye June, wilkommen Juli :)


The Cost of Being A Good Girl

Like I’m trying to figure these things out. Why you must be a good girl when you can do the craziest thing and have awesome friends around you.
But everything is just totally different when you choose to be a good girl.

Staying at home, studying, reading, going out with your family rather than your friends and isolating yourself.
It’s kinda sad sometimes, but i believe when we do the right things, people will respect and love us however our conditions are.

It’s rare to be a good girl 😜

For me, she’s the best actress in the world.
She has strong personalities even if she looks so sweet and fragile, but inside she’s totally different! She is like one of the most exquisite thing that have been alive.

And first time I saw her. She’s like the reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn. They look similar.

I’m just madly in love with her.
Please don’t grow up too fast keyy 👟
So today is my birthdayyyy
Thanks all for the greetings
I know I have to be wiser and mature.
New life’s ahead.
Thanks God for blessing me
Had a wonderful birthday!!
5 June