Fania Roseliza

An amateur writer and music enthusiast.

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I believe that every problem in this world comes from human. We create problems each day. The amount is increasing and there is no way we can stop it, unless we can control ourselves for not creating another problem. Start from ourselves. Like a parable, when our surroundings are clean, then we can get a healthy life. When we have good visions, we rarely blame other, trust anyone and consider our decisions and able to reconcile with others then i guarantee that every human will live peacefully with less problem.

Ternyata bener semakin lo dewasa semakin banyak permasalahan yang lo hadapi. Mungkin pertama-tama nya lo ngerasa bakal bahagia tapi ternyata semuanya lebih buruk dari yang pernah lo alami. Yang bisa lo lakuin adalah berdoa dan nguatin mental lo. Kejar apa yang ingin lo kejar, fokus sama masa depan lo, dapet nilai yang terbaik.

Si kampung 2

Tadinya gua mau nanya siapa namanya tapi udah di cut off duluan.